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After recently launching “May WE Rest in Peace”, a non-profit organization to give back to the city of Detroit, music executive Shanti Das has been able to raise $20,000 since its initial beginnings in October.

The funds have been raised to cover the burial of unclaimed bodies that have been lefy lying in Detroit’s morgue freezer.  At a count of 67 bodies, the money will be able to cover 20 burials.

Contributions and support have come from the likes of Busta Rhymes, Akon, the Kid Rock Foundation in the name of Detroit Clothing Company, along with many other donors willing to lend a helping hand.

In October, CNNMoney shed light on the crisis in the city of Detroit giving yet another example of the hardships that are being endured as a result of the economic trials plaguing the city.  With 67 bodies not given a proper burial, some of the deceased had been there for up to 5 years with no discussion of even being laid to rest properly in the near future. 

As a former Universal/Motown Records music executive, Das leaped at the opportunity to aid the city of Motown and immediately launched “May WE Rest in Peace”.  Dealing with her own loss of loved ones in the years, she was fully aware of the costs and emotional strain and wanted to give the same support that was provided for her and her family in their particular time of need. 

“There were just a lot of things that hit home for me and I just wanted to immediately take action,” said Das.

Generally, a burial can range from $700 to several thousands.  Using reliable resources such as family and friends, Das was able to take action quickly and raised $6,000 just a few weeks after launching the program.  6 weeks after the story was reported by CNNMoney, there were enough funds to lay 6 bodies to rest. 

Thanks to Das and her organization, the body count has decreased from 67 to 50 as she continues to ensure that the city of Detroit has their loved ones laid to rest in peace in the proper way.