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With all the latest photo sharing changes Instagram has implemented in their updated privacy policy and service agreement, it has been revealed the filter-friendly social network  may want to keep you confused.

Monday (Dec. 17), Instagram released their updated terms to users stating the peculiar changes about obtaining the rights to sell users photos in advertisements. When users and the media went into a frenzy CEO, Kevin Systromresponded a day later, contradicting  the previous terms. His new statements maintained that the updates will be revised,  and that photos will in fact be safe from the commercial activities.

What some users don’t know is that there are a variety of other changes swirling within the Facebook-owned network . From what we gather, the terms sound like a bunch of jargon intended to further keep you from reading and comprehending them. Catch up on a 10 ways Instagram tries to keep you confused.

Don’t be fooled.

Photo: Entertainmet Weekly

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