What do you get for the self absorbed millionaire rapper who has everything? Sometimes that can be a tall order. We’re not talking about people who eat Ramen noodles with chopped up ham in them, here. We are talking about cats that are worth some real bread.

A new sweater ain’t gone do it, bruh. Word to Kanye. When wealthy rappers (key word: wealthy), and their just as paid significant others or homies, go to passing out gifts dollar amounts can get cray. Especially when they are giving away gifts they want the world to know they gave away. It has to be stuntastic, or at least ballerific. In order to do this, not only does the gift giver have to have pockets that are longer than an A$AP Rocky shirt, sometimes they have to think outside of the box.

Here are 10 of the most extravagant gifts ever given or received by a rapper…

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