Man Stabbed After Argument Over Exercise Machine


It is a commonly known fact that steroids can increase aggression in its users. On the other hand, there is no scientific data to suggest what makes one kill in cold blood over the most idiotic of things.

One such scenario is seen in the murder of Douglas Smith, whom was stabbed three times in the back and bludgeoned with a hammer after partaking in a vocal altercation with a member of his local gym.

Local authorities believe that the murder, which took place in East Flatbush, New York, has its genesis in Smith exchanging words with another member after both men claimed “first dibs” on a Nautilus weight lifting machine.

The disgruntled man then phoned two men, of whom Shawn Hing was one, to show up at the gym and end the situation by way of street approved methods.

Hing has been apprehended and charged for murder in the second degree. The gym member and second killer are still on the loose.