Want to stunt on your haters at the gym? LV has you covered.

Teyana Taylor shook up the world with her star-making appearance in Kanye West‘s “Fade” video from earlier this year, inspiring many of us to dust off our gym memberships. Taylor realized that she could cash in on this wave of interest in fitness, and announced her new “Fade 2 Fitness” workout plan Thursday.

The plight of the Black woman’s hair has become cause for a lot of struggle. For those rocking the natural look, they feel a sense of heightened accomplishment, but are open to scrutiny. Yet those with straightened hair are in fear of it constantly sweating out, and people with weaves and wigs are lost somewhere […]

In a bizarre case of events, a woman is suing a famous New York-based gym company after she injured herself in one of their popular fitness classes. Sue Ann Wee has filed a class action lawsuit against the parent company of Crunch fitness chains after she injured both of her shoulders while attempting to perform […]

It is a commonly known fact that steroids can increase aggression in its users. On the other hand, there is no scientific data to suggest what makes one kill in cold blood over the most idiotic of things. One such scenario is seen in the murder of Douglas Smith, whom was stabbed three times in […]