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Katt Williams won’t be going to see Django Unchained when it opens on Christmas Day.

Williams has been skipping tons of comedy shows, but shot off a few jokes during a performance in Los Angeles, which including outing Jamie Foxx as being gay, and criticizing him for playing a gun-wielding slave in the film.

The 39-year-old claimed to have proof of Foxx’s homos-xual endeavors. “I can even tell you the name of the dude he f–ked. His name is Marcus ANthony, he’s the only dude signed to Jamie Foxx’s label. “Dude told me I can bring him on the stage an air it out.”

He also went in on Foxx for even considering the role in the Quentin Tarantino flick. “F–k Jamie Foxx and the Django Unchained check he cashed,” the 39-year-old said. “They offered me the script and I said ‘Any ni–a that do this deserves to die.’ And the next thing I heard, Jamie Foxx was in makeup.”

Foxx hasn’t responded to Williams claims, but for what it’s worth, in telling the story, the troubled comedian was way more coherent than he’s been in recent weeks.

View video of the show below.