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‘Tis the season to make bad decisions.

A man from Long Island, N.Y. has legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

Frank Pascuzzi decided to take his likeness to Kris Kringle a step further by adopting the name. A father of four, Pascuzzi’s license now proudly holds the name Santa Claus, as of February of this year.

When getting rid of his old name, the court system conducted a background check to make sure that his intentions weren’t suspicious, although it is unclear what a person changing their name to Santa Claus could be plotting. “It’s who I’ve always been,” he said.”I just finally got to be the person who I really wanted to be.

Pascuzzi works as Santa during the holidays, but his day job includes being a construction worker, and running a barbecue joint.

The only person not on board with calling him Santa is his wife, who still addresses him by his first government name.

It is unclear whether or not Pascuzzi will be fully committing to his new role by snatching up some reindeer and making deliveries to children across the world.

Photo: News 12