If you're in South America moving dirty take this as your formal warning. The law is feeling very festive about giving out long sentences for the holiday.


The Hip-Hop style robbery continues. 2 Chainz caught Walmart red handed selling a sweater he popularized.


A Santa Claus in North Carolina sent a boy home crying after he told him he needed to do this holiday season.

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Cam’ron has been inhabiting The Nightly Show’s office all year long and the Harlem king recently brought his antics full circle by assuming the role of Kris Kringle.

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What once was a holiday fashion faux pas has now become a cultural staple. That’s right ladies and gents, we’re talking about the phenomenon that is the “ugly Christmas sweater.” 2 Chainz has hopped on the bad means good trend regarding the seasonal item and put his own TRU spin on the gear.

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Christmas Eve is supposed to be the calm before the even calmer storm but apparently the nation’s capital doesn’t believe in taking off for the holidays when it comes random acts of struggle.

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Macy’s hasn’t won the public relations battle with people of color this year after a series of racial profiling scandals. Now, the retail giant’s flagship store in New York has another negative mark on its racial harmony record after it was discovered they keep a Black Santa Claus essentially hidden away from the public.

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A high school teacher in New Mexico has come under fire after he reportedly told a Black ninth-grader that Santa Claus was white. The teacher was moved to make the statement after the student wore the customary red cap and white beard in a school-sanctioned spirit event last week.


‘Tis the season to make bad decisions. A man from Long Island, N.Y. has legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

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How did we miss this? Santa Claus, who we figure represents Christians, battles Moses, representing for the Jews, in rhyme. The kicker is that Moses also happens to be Snoop Dogg, ahem, Snoop Lion. 

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Add Muppet themed video co-star/collaborator next to Goodie Mob rapper, R&B crooner and The Voice judge on Cee Lo Green’s resume. The Atlanta native drops a visual for “All I Need Is Love,” featuring the Muppets, from his Christmas album, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment.