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Christmas Eve is supposed to be the calm before the even calmer storm but apparently the nation’s capital doesn’t believe in taking off for the holidays when it comes random acts of struggle. A man dressed as Santa Claus is being treated for injuries after being shot with a pellet gun.

Reportedly, this particular toy drive has been going on for 22 years without incident but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

“It’s in there; it’s still inside my back,” the unidentified Black Santa told reporters while still writhing with pain. The entire incident was caught on tape as the man appeared visibly fine belting out “Merry Christmas” in the street to calling for 911 the next.

Reports WUSA9:

WUSA9’s Delia Gonçalves said the man was shot twice in the back, apparently from a nearby home, at the 22nd annual Barry Farm toy drive.

Police and fire officials are on scene investigating, Gonçalves said. The victim was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Police tried to search the neighborhood for potential suspects but without a warrant, they were unable to go inside homes to investigate even further.

The apocalypse must be nigh if Santa can’t even pass out toys without catching a hot one. Check out the photos (and video) of the incident in the gallery and try to have a non-violent Christmas yourselves.

Photo: WUSA9, WJLA

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