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FUSE’s “Crate Diggers” series caught up with the great Diamond D. The Bronx representing producer and rapper is one of Hip-Hop’s greatest beat technicians, and as expected his record collection reflects that status.

“I wasn’t really into the MC aspect as a kid. My thing was just the beats,” says Diamond. “The breakbeats, that’s really what intrigued. Sometimes I mightstand by the ropes like maybe two or three hours, just trying to get a glimpses of the album covers. I’m a little kid doing this, 10, 11 yeas-old. That’s when I really got into wanting to collect beats.”

The “Best Kept Secret” rapper says his collection clocks in at about 30,000 records, but the spot FUSE met him at is where he keeps the “cream of the crop.” The DITC legend talks about specific records, including convincing his mom to buy him a copy of Bong Rock by The Incredible Bong Band, where the famous “Apache” break resides, from Crazy Eddie back in the day. Another dope moment is Diamond talking about coming up on a 45 of “The Grunt” by the J.B.’s at his neighbor’s house as well as talking about the Flaming Ember record he sampled for “Outta Here” on his classic debut, Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop.

Plenty of jewels throughout, check out Diamond D’s episode of “Crate Diggers” below.

Photo: YouTube