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With Long.Live.A$AP set to hit shelves January 15, A$AP Rocky sits down with Life + Times at OAK in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood to decode the album’s intro “Love.Live.A$AP.” The A$AP Mob frontman speaks on how New York City, the habits of his generation, Master P’s No Limit movement and his thirst to become legendary inspired the track.

“Growing up between Bronx and Harlem, I felt like it was times I thought I wouldn’t even make it. I thought maybe I’mma die in these streets or I’mma die in jail,” explained Rocky, describing the dark past that inspired the song’s opening bars. “Those the thoughts that really run across your mind when you’re at rock bottom, and you don’t really have any money. And things just seem to be going bad for you, and you try to make it by any means.”

From there, Rocky continues to walk-through his developing lyrics, citing parallels in the habits of older generations, namely New Orleans natives from the 90s, to those of the youth today. “Weed is popular for my generation, and molly and stuff like that. For them it was like weed, and 40s and heroin,” said Rocky. “I’m putting myself into the existence of like a 22-year old, New Orleans, Magnolia kind of trapper or something like that. I feel like that’s where I can go with my music and stuff. Sometimes you can speak in third person, and be another person.”

We won’t give away everything, so be sure to check out A$AP Rocky’s full explanation below. And remember, Long.Live.A$AP is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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