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2 Chainz and Groove Chambers of 3 Little Digs drop knowledge this week on The Week In Jams. 

As the new season of Guy Code approaches, the two talk about the Guy Code of studio etiquette. Aside from the obvious, the two harped on the member of the entourage that always has his camera phone out and unknowingly dry snitches on the crew. You know that guy.

“There’s always that one dude always taking pics, you know that’s cool,” says Groove. “Then what he do? He don’t take it to the next level,” adds 2 Chainz. “Twitter is the devil, and Instagram is the devil’s son-in-law.”

The two go on to mention how Instagramming a studio session, especially one with a bunch of females in there, will usually lead to a lot of unnecessary questioning and nagging from the old ball and chain when you get home.

“How was the studio session, was their girls there? You sure there wasn’t girls there?” 2 Chainz says in a really raspy womanly voice. This funny sketch is one of the many you can expect when the new season of Guy Code premiers on Tuesday January 15th on MTV and MTV2.

Get a look at the clip after the jump and watch The Week In Jams this weekend.


Photo: MTV