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A pregnant woman hailing from Brooklyn, New York lost her life due largely to the carelessness of some cold-hearted paramedics.

Employees at Au Bon Pain restaurant franticly searched for help as their friend and colleague, Eutisha Revee Rennix, began to seize after complaining of stomach pains and a growing disability to breath just moments before.

Two EMT’s were on already on the scene and were able to help, but refused to do so.

“I remember them saying they couldn’t so anything because they were on there break” exclaimed one of Rennix’s coworkers. “ We started screaming and cursing at them.”

Two firefighters came to the young woman’s aid but were not able to help her in time. The mother of two was rushed to Long Island College Hospital as she was undergoing cardiac arrest.

Police records indicate that Rennix was pronounced dead at 10:17, outlived by her 6-month-old premature daughter, Janiya Renne Woodson, by two hours and ten minute.

Sadly, Jahniya passed away do to health complications centered around her premature birth.

The two EMTs in question are currently on restricted duty with pay, meaning that they are not allowed to provide care for any potential patient.