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The RICO trial of Young Thug gained another wild moment as a witness admitted to being high while testifying.

On Tuesday (March 19), the racketeering trial of rap star Young Thug and the YSL (Young Slime Life) crew was underway in a Fulton County courtroom. The defense attorneys for Young Thug called Adrian Bean, a witness for the prosecution to the stand. As cross-examination began, Bean leaned forward with his eyes semi-closed. “Man, umm,” he began, “Can I get a water or something? I’m so high right now, y’all, I’m about to go to sleep on y’all now. I am. I ain’t gon’ tell a lie.”

The revelation prompted lead prosecutor and District Attorney Adriane Love to ask Fulton County Supreme Court Judge Ural Glanville for permission to approach the bench. Love brought Bean a bottle of water while Brian Steel, Young Thug’s attorney, asked if Bean was okay enough to continue. Despite expressing how his condition was, Bean replied, “Let’s keep the ball rolling.” The entire moment was captured in the Livestream of the trial.

Bean was called to the trial by the prosecution due to him being one of the witnesses they’re relying on to establish that Young Thug, aka Jeffrey Williams, was at the scene where Donovan Thomas Jr. was killed in a drive-by shooting Sept. 11, 2013. But further cross-examination by the defense of Bean seemed to support their argument that police were pressuring Bean to say Young Thug was at the scene. Bean also expressed that he couldn’t recall key facts during testimony he gave in February, citing his history of drug use.

The trial has seen multiple instances of outlandish behavior from one attorney joking that they would open an OnlyFans account to supplement their income to DA Love and a defense attorney getting into an argument so heated that Judge Glanville had to step in and ask them to “take it down a notch.” He also found himself admonishing the courtroom audience as a defense lawyer quipped about the exchange later that day. “I didn’t ask anyone to laugh in the gallery. This is a courtroom. Not some entertainment forum for you,” Judge Glanville stated.