The Fulton County judge overseeing the racketeering trial against Young Thug and 13 of his associates has ordered a probe into how a video featuring a witness was leaked online. The video shows the witness in an interview offering information on Young Thug and YSL members to get leniency from the state.

Hip-Hop’s most infamous RICO case is getting more interesting. Some of Rap’s biggest names could be called as witnesses in the YSL trial.

An additional two defendants from YSL RICO case in Atlanta entered negotiated plea deals, bringing the number this week to four.


Atlanta and YSL rapper Gunna is no snitch. That's according to former 'Breakfast Club' co-host Angela Yee.

Gunna will be released from prison after pleading guilty to one RICO charge ahead of the YSL RICO trial in January.

Bankroll Freddie has reportedly submitted a request to get back his jewelry, according to documents from the court. His legal team claims that since the 60-day deadline has expired after the property was seized during a traffic stop arrest in April, it should be returned.

The war against Rap continues but some talents are fighting back. Several rappers have signed a letter to protest the use of lyrics in court. 

Tsu Surf, a popular battle rapper out of New Jersey, was arrested in Jersey City over a RICO charge attached to a DEA case.

Atlanta rap star Gunna who was arrested in May as part of a large RICO indictment of YSL, has remained in holding. But this week, his attorneys filed a third bond motion seeking to have him released. According to court documents dated Sept. 26 that were reviewed by Complex, the rapper’s legal team said that […]

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis says that developments in the ongoing YSL case revealed potential threats from gang supporters.

Young Thug, already jailed on various RICO charges in Georgia, was hit with an additional six charges according to new reports.

For some people, the news of Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Wills' pursuit of more RICO charges have them speculating that Lil Baby might be next on that list. The rapper's response to a fan on Twitter showed that he's undeterred by such speculation, stating " Only God can judge me."