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President Obama unveiled his $500 million gun control plan yesterday, and is drawing criticism for having children on stage with him.

During his speech the commander in chief was surrounded by a handful of youngsters who had written to him about implementing stricter gun laws. The parents of Grace McDonell—one of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School—also  sat in the audience.

McDonell’s parents gifted the president with one of the child’s paintings, which now hangs in his office. “Every time I look at that painting, I think of Grace,” he said during a address. “I think about the life that she lived, and most of all, I think about how, when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable among us, we must act now.”

But the use of children to drive a political agenda has caused conservative backlash, made obvious by The Drudge Report, which ran a photo of Obama and the children on its Facbook page with the title, “Let’s Play Take The Guns.”

Obama’s decision to include the children came after the National Rifle Association was criticized for bringing the president’s daughters into their latest commercial. The NRA labeled the POTUS an “elitist hypocrite” for standing against using firearms in classrooms for safety purposes, but allows his children to be protected by armed guards.


Photo:  Washington Post