As typical of these tragedies, the NRA found itself trending and many on Twitter are blasting the association.

The recent shooting tragedies in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio that left a total of 31 people have revived the years-long debate on gun control and violence. Issuing a statement via social media, Barack Obama called out the nation’s approach to gun violence and President Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, seemingly prompting a response from […]

For years now, El-P has been one of the most vocal rappers of his generation when it comes to railing against the system ever since his Company Flow days. Now a bonafide star with Run The Jewels, the producer and lyricist issued a pair of tweets with a statement supporting his rapping partner Killer Mike […]

Killer Mike found himself on the end of a barrage of criticism for appearing in an interview put on by the National Rifle Association. The NRATV clip with Colion Noir made its rounds over the weekend just as the anti-gun violence March For Our Lives rally was taking place in Washington, D.C., which put the Run […]

FedEx is itching to get canceled. Unlike other business like Delta Airlines, MetLife and Hertz, the delivery service is refusing to bow under pressure and cut its ties with the National Rifle Association. 

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Chuck D says the NRA is a terrorist organization.

Four months after the Sandy Hook shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn., lawmakers are ready to move forward with a gun control measure. Earlier today the Senate opened debates over whether or not to vote on the adjusting gun laws, bringing the legislation one step closer to approval

The NRA’s CEO Wayne LaPierre remained on the offensive against President Barack Obama’s gun control legislation in an appearance on FOX News Sunday this weekend. In a revealing moment of pushback, LaPierre got checked with criticism over a recent ad that involved President Obama’s daughters.

President Obama unveiled his $500 million gun control plan yesterday, and is drawing criticism for having children on stage with him. During his speech the commander in chief was surrounded by a handful of youngsters who had written to him about implementing stricter gun laws.

The National Rifle Association released a scathing new critique of President Obama’s position on gun control calling him both an “elitist,” and a “hypocrite.” Released just ahead of the commander in chief’s announcement of his $500 million gun violence measure, the White House has called the NRA advertisement “repugnant and cowardly.”

Gun control is an important issue to Cory Booker. The Newark N.J., mayor appeared on ABC’s This Week, last week and made a heartfelt argument as to why the debate over gun control is non-existent. “I don’t know if anybody here has seen anybody shot. I have,” Booker said.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s largest gun-rights group, had been preparing a press conference to the stirring events of Sandy Hook Elementary  which took place earlier today, after responding with an earlier written statement. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said today that American schoolteachers should have the right to stop future attacks by having […]