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Ice T will defend the love of his life until the very end. The rapper-turned-actor has been mostly silent on his wife, Coco’s latest photo scandal, but has once again used Twitter as his bull horn.

In a non-specific post put up earlier in the week he blasted the media (of course) for reporting on the story. “Daily Game: Bloggers/Media = MEGA TROLLS.”

Yeah, okay.

As previously reported, Coco posed for inappropriate flicks with a Bay Area rapper. The whole thing blew up online, with Ice spilling out his emotions via Twitter. Within days, the buxom blonde smoothed things over with her better half, and the couple was seen partying together in Las Vegas together for New Year’s Eve.

Just when things appeared to be smoothed over, more images of the 32-year-old and yet another man (palming her backside) hit the ‘Net. A message, allegedly sent by Coco, asking for the photos to be removed also found its way to the public.

In related news, Coco hasn’t said anything about the potentially embarrassing situation, and may be basking in the added media clips since she is headlining a show in Las Vegas, and could be happy about the heightened attention.