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Although many fans may be disappointed with Lupe Fiasco cancelling his Christmas mixtape Friend of the People, but the rapper has apparently been making major moves.

From climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to a documentary and planning a trip to Africa, the Chicago native has had quite the agenda placed in front of him.

Fans, fortunately, won’t have to worry as Fiasco is still on the path to releasing his album Lasers, and although the climb forced a push back from December to 2010, the rapper has stated to expect the first single to drop at the top of January.

Just the way everybody would want to bring in the New Year.

The rapper adds that some collaborations for the upcoming album, as he has already been rumored to be on B.O.B’s debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

Bobby Ray actually spoke on the rumored joint effort between himself and Fiasco with HipHopWired where he attempted to keep particular news under wraps.

“I actually had worked with Lupe and Eminem, in terms of the album.  I can’t confirm certain things.  I won’t say yay or nay, there are rumors out there, but I have worked with Eminem and Lupe.”

Find out what Fiasco has in store here: