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Another record about popping a Molly? Sure, why not. Tyga taps Mally Mal and Wiz Khalifa for the latest record off of his upcoming album Hotel California. 


This record is about the concentrated form of ecstasy that is said to have adverse effects on the body including cardiomyopathy, hypertension, viral myocarditis, congenital cardiac conduction abnormalities, nausea, urinary retention, possibly erectile dysfunction and yes, sweating. Doesn’t sound so cool anymore now does it?

Wiz Khalifa himself has gone on record of being against the drug by tweeting “That Molly s**t  is not cool,” on July 18th 2012. Although he is on this record about Molly, nothing in his verse is actually pertaining to the drug. Tyga and Mally Mal on the other hand can’t get enough  of that good ole’ MDMA.

Oh, you rapper and your drugs use. If you feel like sweating and all that jazz, hit the jump to get a listen to Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mal’s “Molly,” after the jump.

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