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 O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It is up for auction on eBay for a whopping $250,000. The “rare” find is one of the last copies of Simpsons literary work detailing what he would’ve done had he killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. 

The book was released over six years ago, but production was halted due to public opposition.

From TMZ:

The book was originally announced in November 2006 — and 400,000 copies were printed — but the release was abruptly canceled following a public backlash … and the books were reportedly recalled to be destroyed. 

But according to legend, a small number survived — one reportedly lives at News Corporation (the original publisher), one was auctioned off on eBay in 2007 (for $65,000) … and now, another copy has surfaced on the auction website. It’s unclear how many more are still floating around in obscurity.

The latest book to surface has been listed at $250,000 — and according to the listing, payment is required in FULL within 48 hours of the auction ending. 

A revised version of “If I Did It” was republished in 2007 — with added commentary — and proceeds were awarded to the family of one of Simpson’s alleged murder victims, Ron Goldman … but an original edition is practically unheard of.


Simpson is currently behind bars in Nevada for kidnapping and owes the IRS $500,ooo in back taxes.


Photo: AP