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Lawyers for George Zimmerman filed a motion to delay the start of his second-degree murder trial Wednesday (Jan. 30), on grounds that they need more time to prepare. Zimmerman’s legal team claims that prosecutors haven’t been expedicious with the evidence needed to build a defense in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman’s lead attorney Mike O’Mara is seeking to have the trail date moved from June to November.

The paperwork, posted on Zimmerman’s defense website, listed several things that will require extra attention, including additional time needed to look into an “FDLE analyst showing the whereabouts of Trayvon Martin’s phone during the hours of February 26, 2012.”  The team will also look deeper into an “incident”  involving the teen, reported by the Miami Dade School Police Department. According to the motion, the defense team “still has significant work to be done,” and is concerned with witnesses that still need to be disposed, like FBI agents, additional Sanford Police Department witnesses, Martin’s family members, and lawyer Benjamin Crump.

“The Martin family witnesses are a chapter of this case which will take an enormous amount of time and focus,” reads the motion. “The family members have, throughout their numerous public and media appearances, generated an extraordinary amount of information, much of it relevant the the case at hand. While the gathering of that information is ongoing, the analysis of it is tedious and time consuming.”

O’Mara is also in need of money and has asked the public for more donations.”The State has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute George,” reads a statement on the site. “To finance his defense, however George relies on the generosity of individuals who believe he is innocent.”

The goal for the team is to raise a minimum of $30,000 a month, the amount calculated to give Zimmerman the defense he “deserves.” As of last month $314,099.47 had been raised and spent, but neither O’Mara nor co-counsel Mark West have been paid, despite taking on the case last year. Zimmerman’s monthly funds were eaten up due to a $95,000 bail bond, nearly $62,000 in living expenses, $56,100 in security, $35,588.07 in case-related expenses; $7,924.22 in Paypal and fund management fees, and $3,201.04 in “other” expenses.