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Gearing up for the release of his fifth album, Loso’s Way, dropping, July 28th, Fabolous recently kicked it with Hip-Hop Wired about his upcoming album and accompanying DVD. Comparing his life to the Al Pacino flick Carlito’s Way, Fab stated,

“We shot a movie to give you a little visual that almost makes the album a soundtrack to the movie. We are gonna do a couple screens across the country, probably in the five major markets. We are gonna do New York, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and Vegas. We are just looking to expand the album through a movie. That’s one thing that is gonna come with that. We may be able to attach the trailer videos as well but it’s definitely more about the movie being attached to it.”

Loso’s Way will include production from Jermaine Dupri as well as collaborations with Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Ne-Yo and will feature the leadoff single “Throw It In the Bag” featuring The Dream. Speaking more about the album, Fabolous said,

“Loso’s Way is a themed album that was inspired by the film Carlito’s Way. I was inspired by how his story was kind of parallel to my story where he was a guy from the streets trying to come up and do something bigger and better verses back peddling back into the streets and ending up back in jail and stuff like that. I felt that was parallel to my story along with some of the trials and tribulations he had went through in trying to become bigger and better.

Whenever you on your road to the riches, you’re gonna come across a couple of speed bumps and you just have to roll over them, slow down and roll over them and keep it pushing. I saw that in his story and that’s part of my story so with this album. A couple of things happened between this one and the last one that were personal to me and I wanted to share some of my personal things on this album too and within the music. I had my first child between these last two projects so I definitely touched on that with the album. A couple of my relationships I changed with different people and I wanted to speak on that because that’s a relatable situation to people in general. If you have a long time relationship with anybody or long time friendship with anybody and it changes so I wanted to speak on those kind of things and that was all relatable from the movie as well.”

Fabolous also promised that Loso’s Way will highlight more of his street side which has previously been overshadowed by his girl friendly records. Also be on the lookout for Hip-Hop Wired’s upcoming interview with F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S.