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Music and entertainment’s elite gather annually to commend and celebrate the previous year’s greatest musical works on the grand stage known as the Grammys. But the show has become much more than just a musical celebration over the years. It’s the antics from the melting pot of artists, side stories, prior beefs, horrible outfits and more that make the night all the more interesting.

Each of those scenarios were in full effect during last night’s telecast, and yes things were as entertaining as they sound. Luckily for us, it’s 2013 and we have the handy-dandy GIF image to encapsulate the moments of both joy and struggle alike at events like this.

You’ve seen the best behind the scenes photos and the best power couples. Now bear witness to the triumph and the defeat from the red carpet to the show through this brief synopsis of the 55th annual Grammy Awards as told by GIF image.

Photo: Grammys, Tumblr, Vulture

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