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Love stinks. You know it, we know it, the world knows it; but one day out of the year we have to bite the bullet and get “all romantical” and stuff. Word to Flavor Flav. 

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and some of the most cheesy and romantic thing you can do is dedicate a song to your special significant other. However, you don’t want to be that person that ends up on the wrong side of the wrong song.

Rappers are petty, and instead of expressing there heartbreak like normal human beings, they have the ability to flip that sadness into hit records. Artists such as Ghostface Killah, Eminem, Kanye West, and Drake have all dealt with love gone wrong in all different ways.

Luckily for us, their pain is our pleasure when it comes to their music. This week’s Wired 25 takes a look at 25 songs you do not want dedicated to you when February 14th rolls around. Hit the jump to check them all out and have a Happy Valentine’s Day to the happy loving couples around the world.

To the rest of you, watch Scandal or something.

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