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Source: CHRIS DELMAS / Getty

There was a reason Sean “Diddy” Combs didn’t actually apologize to Cassie in his much-criticized mea culpa video last weekend. Apparently, the disgraced Hip-Hop mogul is not legally allowed to say his ex-girlfriend’s name, and vice versa.

In late 2023, former Bad Boy Records artist Cassie sued Diddy, accusing him of years of sexual abuse and sex trafficking and domestic violence, amongst other heinous crimes. Diddy infamously settled the lawsuit a day later, with speculation that he had to hand over a hefty sum of money.

According to TMZ, sources who are familiar with the settlement say it includes an airtight NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that prevents either Diddy or Cassie from uttering each other’s names.

Nevertheless, the NDA hasn’t prevented Cassie’s attorney from lighting into Diddy when he dropped his maligned apology video or when CNN released the hotel footage of the “Been Around The World” rapper beating his ex-girlfriend.

Reportedly, Diddy wanted to say Cassie’s name in his video statement but his attorneys reviewed the video before it was posted to ensure their client didn’t break the NDA.

With Diddy facing so much litigation, and the wrath of the court of public opinion, don’t expect him to be making any more public statements anytime soon.