Apparently some people are a little too competitive at video games.

According to reports from TMZ, singer, songwriter, and producer Teddy Riley is being accused of attacking his 18 year old daughter Taja Riley, during an altercation.

He is also being accused of striking his older daughter as well during the dispute.

TMZ has reported:

“A restraining order was filed and granted in Los Angeles Superior Court. Taja claims that the 43-year-old Blackstreet member abused her and her sister by “stomping, punching and bashing” them causing “contusions” and other injuries.”

Taja goes on to say that even at one point of the altercation, Teddy picked up a guitar from the video game “Rock Band,” and threatened to kill someone with it.

Teddy Riley has been given a restraining order and must stay 100 yards away from both of his daughters until the next court date sometime in January.

Teddy Riley is mostly known for his role in the 90’s R&B group Blackstreet, Riley is also known for working with huge artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson and is given the title as the inventor of the “New Jack Swing” music style.

Damn Teddy, don’t you remember what coach use to tell you when you played sports, It’s just a game!

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