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Relationship analysts and public relations experts predicted that Tiger Woods would have to seek help once he totally hit rock bottom with all signs seeming to point that such a time is finally near.

The golf prodigy and first billionaire athlete has entered himself into a private rehabilitation center in the Arizona desert, presumably to seek help for his insatiable sexual appetite.

Purportedly made with amiable intentions, there has been heavy speculation in the media community as to why Tiger has submitted himself to one of two star treatment centers, with one hypothesis placing Woods in the lap of druggy luxury against his will.

Like Eric Benet and countless other philandering stars before him, a stint in rehab could do wonders for what is left of Tiger’s carefully crafted image, making him able to return to the pedestal on which he has rested comfortably since childhood.

Unfortunately for companies such as Gillette, AT&T, and Nike, the “new” Tiger could not come soon enough; those companies posted quarterly losses linked to the “Woodsgate 2009” at the sum of nearly $12 billion thus far.