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Damn, Chris  Brown, why you so mad? Breezy and Drizzy haven’t been friends for a while now, but will the hate ever end?

Probably not.

We all know that Brown has no problem expressing his feelings, no matter what the act will do to his reputation. He’s argued with Frank Ocean, threw bottles at Drake (and vice versa), upset people for dressing like a “terrorist,”  and made amends with Rihanna—all in less than a year’s time.

Meanwhile, although Drake made headlines for his involvement in the the aforementioned beverage scuffle, October’s Very Own mostly keeps to himself. Sure you’ll see him out at a party every now and then, or dropping $50,000 on a pole champion, but other than that, he doesn’t publicly let his anger get the best of him.

Perhaps Brown could take a page out of the Toronto rapper’s book, but there’s a pretty good chance that he doesn’t want to. Nevertheless, since Drake’s been busy with other stuff, take a look at the 10 things he’s been doing, instead of getting into it with Brown.

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