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When Talib Kweli speaks, it’s best that you listen, mostly because he is one of the few rappers that you can learn a thing or two from.

Kweli chatted it up with Boost Mobile and talked about the importance of grinding independently in today’s era of social media and utilizing the power of the Internet.

“Once you’re heard, you can be felt. Once you’re felt you can be loved but you have to be heard first,” says Kweli. “Their ears and there hearts have to be open first. We are living in the era where you can’t just work for somebody else.”

Kweli wasn’t just referring to rappers either, his advice is something that can be applied to people from all walks of life.

“If you don’t have your own business or you don’t have your own thing that you are doing something as simple as a blog. Something you own, something you control, then you are really messing up. With this age, there is no reason to not have your own thing. You’ve got to it’s human nature,” the rapper concluded.

You can check out the full video down below which concluded with a freestyle. After the slide, you can see him in the latest episode of GGN with Snoop Lion.

Photo: YouTube

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