An Illinois man was arrested yesterday, for posting a threat to kill President Obama, and used an interesting outlet to announce his plan: the White House website. Louis Kinderman signed onto the website last month, making his intention clear via the “Contact Us” section.

“I am going to kill Obama and no one I repeat no one is going to stop me!! The time has come. The government can go f-ck themselves starting with Obama,” he wrote on February 27, signing the message under the alias A.J. Hidell, the same named used by Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK’s assassination.

Kinderman then sent his assassination message to the FBI tip-line, writing “Well, I just wanted to give the agents a heads up that I am going to kill president Obama. Since this is a tip line anyway.”

He listed his locations as Dallas, but authorities were able to track the 29-year-old down to a home in Lincoln, Ill., which he shares with roommates.

Authorities searched Kinderman’s computer— which he allowed— and found programs Hide the IP and Proxify, used to cover online activit,y and erase search history. Confronted with the evidence, he admitted to sending the threats and was taken into custody.

Magistrate Bryon Cudmore released Kinderman on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond. He has been restricted from possessing a firearm, is subject to electronic monitoring, and must stay within two counties in the state.


Photo: Smoking Gun/AP

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