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A homeless man was found living in a Kentucky hospital Monday (March 11), and went unnoticed by pretending to be a doctor. Police in Louisville say Patrick Campbell was dressed in the proper attire as he walked around the Norton Hospital, initially not raising a single eyebrow.

He was even logged into a computer system by a doctor, believing that he was a colleague. According to the police report, the 52-year-old was privy to “highly sensitive personal information on hospital staff and patients.” Campbell however only used the computer to access the Internet, and visit different websites. A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed that no patient information was compromised.

The jig was up at around 4:51 a.m., when Campbell was spotted by security wearing a hospital lab coat, scrubs, and a face mask. He was arrested, told police that he had “nowhere to live,” and therefore found a bed in the hospital, where he stayed for at least one night.

Campbell has been charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful access to a computer.


Photo:  Louisville Metro Corrections