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The ongoing saga of TMZ vs. YMCMB and information about Lil Wayne’s stay in the ICU is only getting more bizarre. Bryan “Birdman” Williams called into Hot 97 to update fans on his “son’s” condition, insisting it has nothing to do with with drugs. Meanwhile, Mack Maine is unsure who sent a message from Weezy’s Twitter account on Friday night (March 15).

Birdman called into Angie Martinez’s show to attempt to straighten out the facts regarding Weezy’s health. “He had a seizure and we brought him to the hospital,” Baby told Martinez, also revealing that Tunechi never left the hospital after he was admitted on Tuesday, March12 and only had one seizure. This refutes reports that Wayne’s stomach was pumped three times to remove drugs, allegedly codeine, from his system.

Baby insisted that it was overwork that landed Wayne in his current predicament. “His work ethics [sic]. Just how he put in and what he believe in and how hard he work,” he said. “How much dedication he give to music and his fans and what he’s trying to accomplish in life. It didn’t have nothing to do with drugs. No such thing like that. To me, it’s how he works. He works around the clock, he’s just a hard grinder for this music. But it wasn’t nothing about no drugs. He just needs to get some rest, relax. Take it one day at a time. He’ll be back just normal as anybody else.”

As for Mack Maine, XXL spoke to the Young Money president to get some insight into Wayne’s condition. However, he only ended up raising more questions. When asked about the tweet that Wayne’s allegedly sent on Friday telling fans “I’m good everybody,” Maine said he couldn’t confirm if it was Weezy that sent it.

XXL reports:

“That Tweet [that he sent out on Friday] wasn’t sent out on that same phone line,” he revealed. “I’m not sure if he Tweeted that or not. I wasn’t with him at the present moment. One of his fans could have Tweeted that, I’m not really sure where that came from.”

This is where we mention that Maine previously said he was watching a basketball game with Weezy the night he was thought to be on the brink of death. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but saying he’s unsure who sent out a Weezy tweet after assuring fans that the “No Worries” rapper was going to is hella suspect.

Listen to Baby’s interview with Martinez, where he recounts witnessing Wayne’s seizure and taking him to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, below.

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