Husband and wife duo Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins, collectively known as G&D, have offered the masses their unique brand of soulful Hip-Hop since 2007. With both enjoying strong solo careers, the musical matrimony continues as the pair is set to release their second full-length album, The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse boasts 17 tracks and is light on the features, with longtime underground rap veteran LMNO and vocalist Shana Muldrow as the only guests. Listeners can expect the duo’s usual fare of head-nodding funk, socially uplifting lyricism and jazzy production on the upcoming release. Muldrow is one of Hip-Hop’s most slept-on producers, and will certainly be helming much of the music for this venture.

Releasing the album on their indecently-owned imprint, SomeOthaShip Connect, G&D has been keeping busy in the few years since their last album. Muldrow dropped the Madlib-produced album Seeds and also The Blackhouse with Loot Pack’s DJ Romes in 2012. Perkins dropped his solo project Self Study in 2011 with beats done entirely by his wife.

Fans of the group know that Muldrow and Perkins are deep into symbolism as evidenced by the artwork that graces their records. Linking up once more with Japanese visual artist Tokio Aoyama, the cover for The Lighthouse is another in a long series of dazzling and abstract images featuring G&D prominently.

“We go way back with Tokio and he listens very carefully to our music so we let him run with whatever concept he wanted; we trust him. He even came from Japan to our home to meet with us,” said Perkins of the connection with Aoyama.

The Lighthouse will be released on May 21.

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Photo: SomeOthaShip Connect

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