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“It’s only one type of culture in Los Angeles in the streets and that’s gang culture.”

Before the fame and the fortune, there is usually the grit and the grime for a Hip Hop artist. 

The purpose of today’s rap career has been utilized as a platform to not only depict the hood stories that an artist was submerged in, but also serve as a financial means to escape the harsh realities that they grew up from.

For Nipsey Hussle, his upbringing in South Central, Los Angeles, although involved in the gang life, every move has been a stepping stone for something greater and something more legitimate in life.

Now submerged within Hip Hop and on the heels of fully launching his music career in the industry, Hussle takes a trip through his stomping grounds to show how he came up from being a young kid trying to flip a dollar into the man that presents himself today.

From shining shoes to dealing with his friends being victims to the streets, the rapper leaves it all out there for fans and spectators to look at and possibly learn from.

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