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Apparently, all hope has not been given up on Tiger Woods with his recent troubles.  With most of his other sponsors putting an end to their business and association with the golfer, Electronic Arts is still riding with Woods.

Electronic Arts Inc. announced Monday that they are standing behind the golfer, at least for the time being, as they are in the process of releasing a new online game with Woods titled “Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online”.

Already releasing “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10” in June, the next installment is expected to hit sometime in June.

Outside of the controversy surround him, EA Sports President Peter Moore issued a statement saying that they would stick him because he is still one of the greatest athletes in history.  Regardless of his recent mishaps, his history in the sports world cannot be tainted or taken away from him as it speaks for itself.

Known to most in the gaming world by the tag of EA Sports, the company has built a 10 year history and gained hundreds of millions of dollars by associating themselves with Mr. Woods.  Playing the numbers game, EA has banked over $670 million with the game franchise from their partnership, according to market research firm NPD Group.

Since the scandal, Woods has decided to take a vacation from the sport, but has lost a considerable amount of support on the business side.  Major corporate sponsors such as AT&T Corp, Accenture Gillette, Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer and more have cut their ties with the golfer in their advertising campaigns.

For those that were unaware, Woods was able to become so financially inclined due to his association with such companies.

As with most scandals, however, things will find a way to blow over and the golfer will reclaim his spot in the heart of America.