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If you have listened to southern Hip-Hop at any point in the past eight years, you have undoubtedly bobbed your head to a track laced by the man that they call Drumma Boy. The Memphis hit-maker is responsible for some of the South’s biggest hits, including “Put On,” “Go Getta,” “Shawty,”  and “Money To Blow.”

The young super producer hooked up with Hip-Hop Wired to speak on the current state of Dirty South Hip-Hop.

Speaking On Young Jeezy’s next album, Thug Motivation 103, Drumma was reluctant to speak on his role in the project, or the album in any capacity:

“You’ve got to ask Jeezy about that; that’s gonna be a question that you have to ask him when you see him. Shout out to C.T.E., shout out to the whole click. But man, we went in. It ain’t even gonna lie man, Jeezy be having a ni**a sweating, that ni**a put a ni**a to work. This one album right here, like I know he is gonna come so motherfu%kin’ crazy. I know he’s gonna go in, I know he is gonna go crazy because he’s taking it that seriously, that’s why it is taking him so long. He’s just letting it marinate. Just the way I’ve been seeing him focus, he’s going to go in…He isn’t keeping you waiting for nothing.”

On the number of songs that he has submitted to Jeezy:

“Probably 50! Probably past 50 and I’m talking about all personalized for Jeezy. You just have to stay tuned. . . “

Speaking about the Snowman and the So Icy Boss squashing their beef on Atlanta’s # station for Hip-Hop & R&B, Hot 107.9:

“Man I’ve been wanting to see all of us just be on one page, all of us reppin’ one flag, all of us coming to together and putting all of this money together and locking it tight. Its a wrap from that point on. I mean, its always great to see two powerful brothers end some beef and come together to get more money. I mean imagine Jeezy and Gucci coming to your high school. Its all about the kids, its motivation and they are the number one motivators, so thats what it is.”

Drumma also shed a little light in future work with the King of the South, T.I., while he is currently residing in a “halfway” house:

“TIP and I are under scheduling so stay tuned. I know that he’s been getting a head start and getting everything ten toes down so be on the look out.”

In reference to a rumored A-Town “super record”  with Ludacris, T.I., Jeezy and Gucci, he had this to say:

“I’ve been trying to put a lot of cats together on records. I mean, anything that you’ve been hearing, just wait and see it. Just wait to see it because that’s when its gonna shock you and you can say, ‘man, he did it.’ I don’t know anything about the rumor but you did just give me an idea. . .”