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The mighty Parliament/Funkadelic collective lost another member last Thursday (April 18) in bassist Cordell “Boogie” Mosson; he was 60-years-old. The Plainfield, N.J. native was considered one of the necessary anchors of the P-Funk sound, which George Clinton created and tweaked since the band’s inception in the early 1970s.

Mosson and Garry Shider (also known as “Diaper Man” and “Starchild”) left Plainfield for Canada in 1971 and formed a band, United Soul. Clinton caught wind of the pair, recognizing Shider from his childhood in Plainfield. After producing some tracks for United Soul, Clinton invited Shider and Mosson to join Parliament-Funkadelic. Mosson played in the band from 1972 until the early ’80s, reuniting with Clinton several times, including last year, in a series of Clinton-led P-Funk All-Stars shows.

Ohio native Bootsy Collins played bass alongside Mosson and often stood out for his bold playing style in comparison to Boogie’s steadier groove. When Collins opted to go solo, Mosson became P-Funk’s main touring bassist.

Born Cardell Mosson, the name Cordell stuck after pressings of P-Funk albums featured the common misspelling. The bass player entered the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame with 15 other members of the P-Funk group.

Rest In Powerful Peace, Boogie.

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Photo: David Schwartz