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The mixtape game is something entirely different now, but the music medium has been a part of Hip-Hop culture since the beginning. Early on, mixtapes from vets like DJ Kid Capri, DJ Ron G, DJ Clue and others dominated cassette decks all over.  With the digital age, mixtape artwork now only gets seen on smartphones and computer screens these days. A new book, however, looks to trace the rich history of mixtape cover art, including breaking down the entire evolution of the street release.

The Art Behind The Tape is an upcoming mixtape cover art coffee book presented by DJ Mars, Bril Ndiaye and music writer Maurice Garland. The trio has enacted a Kickstarter campaign this week in hopes that the public will help fund the production of the book and help them reach their goal of $5,000. Both DJ Mars and Garland make impassioned pleas via video to the public to help get their book off the ground.

DJ Mars on the book as found on the Kickstarter page:

From that thought forward i decided to put together a coffee table book displaying a visual history of mixtape art. From the days when the Kid Capri’s of the world just wrote dates on their tape “Kid Capri 2-18”. To the current era where a mix tape dj would commission a skilled graphic designer to craft a piece of marketable art that would allow the tape to compete with an album.

DJ Drama, DJ Holiday, DJ Scream and others will also be featured in the book. The aforementioned DJ Clue will also be heavily featured.

To learn more about the Art Behind The Tape Kickstarter campaign, click here.

Photo: Art Behind The Tape