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Just when you thought you had enough of Ray J’s recent struggles at finding relevancy, a parody video has surfaced featuring an impersonator donning the voice of famed actor Morgan Freeman reciting the lyrics to his questionably suspect single, “I Hit It First.” 

Ray J has been trying to reignite his 15 minutes of fame, this after releasing the controversial single earlier this month. Although Brandy’s little brother initially denied that the song was about ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, the accompanying video released yesterday (April 29) removed all doubt.

YouTube comedy channel ShotOfLiquid released the clip yesterday comically titled, “Morgan Freeman’s Poetry Corner.” It doesn’t make sense to reprint the lyrics, so we urge readers to watch the video and try you best not to laugh out loud if you’re in a quiet space. The video depicts a cartoon character version of Freeman sitting in a posh library complete with a fireplace while holding a glass of wine as he reads the lyrics of the song.

The spot-on delivery of the impersonator would fool even the most skeptical person into thinking that Freeman actually did the video. ShotOfLiquid listed this as their first episode, so hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

Check out “Morgan Frereman’s Poetry Corner” below.

Photo: YouTube