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Nardwuar connected with prolific musician Questlove in one of his lengthiest, and perhaps most entertaining interview to date.

Don’t sell yourself short by believing, “If you’ve seen one Nardwuar interview, you’ve seen them all.” Especially in this case, because the drummer, record producer and joint frontman of The Roots’ knowledge equals, if not surpasses, that of the Canadian media figure.

Viewers see two music nerds unite in other words, as Questlove was repeatedly left speechless by Nardwuar’s due diligence. This time, the Human Serviette came bearing heat in the form of original pressings of a few Hip-Hop classics, items signifying Philadelphia’s longstanding roots in the culture and more.

At one time, Questlove was nearly brought to tears after Nardwuar gave him a vintage copy of Rocktober Fanzine that features an article on Soul Train during it’s Chicago upstart.

“I’m working on Soul Train‘s book. We cannot find any photo’s of the era,” revealed the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon percussionist, who was so impressed that he exclaimed Nardwuar “could have found [Osama] Bin Laden 10 years before.”

See the duo’s full exchange below. Get yourself some culture.

Photo: YouTube