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Mister Cee is navigating his way through personal turmoil, that has gone extremely public. After multiple arrests for soliciting male prostitutes, the latest of which was over the weekend, it’s become clear that the lauded Hot 97 DJ is dealing with an inner battle that he has yet to fully admit to.

In an interview on Hot 97 this morning, Cee rolled out a bevy of confusing explanations in response to his rumored homos-xuality. Not that it even matters who he choses to sleep with, but despite mounting evidence to the contrary, the 46-year-old refused to submit to the reality of the situation, denying that he was busted by an undercover cop pretending to be a male prostitute. Instead, Cee said that it was actually a female hooker that he was soliciting, and that he’s not gay.

During the more than 40-minute exchange, Cee asked to be fired, announced that he was taking a leave of absence, and dared Charlamagne Tha God to step to him.

Since we’re not here to judge– but rather encourage the truth in all situations– Hip-Hop Wired has pointed out some of the many, many, (and we do mean MANY) confusing moments in Cee’s interview.

Hopefully at some point he can get to the bottom of whatever may be the cause of his inability to accept reality.

Photo: Hot 97

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