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UPDATE: Lecrae makes a cosmetic change to his congratulatory track “Round of Applause” by adding a verse from Hustle Gang rapper B.o.B.. The religious spitter keeps his lyrics from the original, while Bobby Ray shares his take on achieving his goals despite the naysayers and haters.

Graduation season is in full effect, and students across the country are crossing the grand stage to receive the fruits of their labor, otherwise known as college degrees, as the days past. Very seldomly does Hip-Hop tip its hat to to those who’ve achieved this feat. Fortunately, Grammy award winner Lecrae cares if no one else does.

The phrase “Round of Applause” retains its traditional meaning on a track dedicated to those who defied the odds and successfully graduated from an institution of higher education. This includes the folks who held odd jobs, most notably pole athletes, with that goal in mind.

Lecrae takes an ironic approach by rapping over a beat that most artists would give their best trap rap bars. Hearing the Atlanta based rapper utter “This for all my folks who got legal jobs and beat the odds” in the song’s opening moments foreshadows a break in the status quo.

Below is a quote from the religious lyricist that perfectly describes the message behind “Round of Applause.” Be sure to read that prior to listening to the uplifting jam, which can also be found below.

Proud of all the graduates out there. Never overlook the unique opportunity you have in education.

There are many paths you could have taken, obstacles to deter you, and things to distract you, but you beat the odds.

Education informs and helps elevate the paths we will take. I wrote a song reflecting on my journey rejecting the low expectations set for me by culture and media. Know that I’m praying for all the grads out there to live for something bigger than yourself! Don’t waste your life.

Photo: Jason Kempin