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Elijah Blake proved that his abilities ranged past penning hits for others with his Bijoux 22 EP late last year. A few months later, one of its standout tracks in “X.O.X.” finally receives a visual treatment.

The Def Jam crooner finds himself in a sticky situation after realizing that he’s still in love with his ex, despite being in a relationship. He does the right thing and informs his current girlfriend of his true feelings, but as you can imagine, the conversation other didn’t go over smoothly. Luckily, Blake receives some wise words from a decent man and well documented aficionado on love in Common.

Backing from Def Jam and Roc Nation, and a co-sign from No I.D. almost ensure that this is the first of more quality material we can expect from the singer-songwriter. See Blake’s dramatic video for “X.O.X.” below.

Photo: YouTube