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The next title in the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series isn’t a sequel but an all-new adventure. From the looks of this dramatic reveal trailer, Call Of Duty: Ghosts is guaranteed to be a worldwide hit. 

The “Ghosts” are a “super elite” squad of soldiers that is left after America has been “crippled” and the armed forces are “devastated.” Check out a behind the scenes video of the creation of the game on the next page. The development team discuss the next-gen engine used to improve the game and how it effects the fluidity and texture of the graphics as well as provide insight into the game’s improvements.

What we’re waiting on is the footage of the online multiplayer mode which includes new features character customization and “dynamic maps.”

You can pre-order Call Of Duty: Ghosts right here. The game will be available worldwide on November 5. It will also be arriving on the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One systems, with the latter getting first crack at DLC.

Watch the Call Of Duty: Ghosts trailer below and the BTS footage, as well as screenshots, on the flip. Let us know if you plan to get a copy in the comments.

Photo: Activision

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