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Hip-Hop Wired will raise the bar for what we expect of Hip-Hop artist by asking them challenging and engaging questions. Our motto is just because you’re from the hood doesn’t mean that your mentality has to remain there. Smarten up!

Unbeknownst, many rappers adhere to these principles as well but will tell their fans otherwise as they choose to spit bullShyte fairy tales about being the biggest kingpins in their former neighborhoods, racking up murders on their road to destruction and endangering Black youth in the process. This verbal genocide has to be addressed because most “Gangsta Rappers” don’t practice what they preach as their children go to the best schools and are miles away from the ghettos their parents came from.

Hip-Hop Wired will document the Hip-Hop culture and artist and be one of their primary voices to help them reach new heights but we will also take them to task and hold them accountable when they need to be checked.

Hip-Hop Wired will also provide a voice to non-mainstream artist who have a message that desperately needs to be heard but is suppressed by major record label machines and mainstream media outlets.

Politics has also been dormant in Hip-Hop now for over a decade so we will provide sharp and engaging political commentary and won’t be scared to take a stand on important political issues. Gone are the days of playing the sidelines because Hip-Hop Wired will inspire activism amongst our readers and encourage them to take these principles back to their communities and break the current mental shackles currently chained to our mindset and thinking.

Change is inevitable and Hip-Hop Wired will lead the curve and strive to keep innovating and adapting to the latest technology trends in online media.

Hip-Hop Wired is the dominant cultural site on the web providing up to the minute music industry and entertainment news relating to Hip-Hop and R&B along with insightful political content to fuel the thinking masses. We don’t follow the trend…We dictate it!!!

Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris

Hip-Hop Wired Operations Manager