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“It was Shawshank Redemption and finally I am pleased to announce, because there’s no gag order or legalities [and] my lawyer said I can speak, I am Fawking free, yes I’m a free agent.”

There seems to be some type of revolving door of employees going on in the offices of Aftermath and the branches under it.

With Bobby Creekwater, Obie Trice, Stat Quo, Rakim, Busta Rhymes and more taking their business elsewhere, the newest addition to artists off Aftermath is West Coast rapper Bishop Lamont who was on the label for five years.

Five years would come to make many fans sit and ponder where and official album was, which seemed to be exactly why Lamont decided to part ways with Dre and the Aftermath family, according to the rapper.

Having a conversation on Shade 45’s The All Out Show, the California native spoke on the blessing of leaving the label and cleared up some past issues that surfaced with DJ Vlad.

“Bless Vlad, we talked about it.  What he was trying to do was have the scoop, but what we was tryna do was take secret, quiet conversations already trying to get the outs and can we go to other labels, already trying to test the waters to see when it’s good to make the move.  So, you overheard a conversation and then tried to confirm the Shyte and I wasn’t free yet so it kinda made it even a little more messy.”

Although not under Dre, he assures the fact that everything is still cool between himself and the producer.  It was just time to leave.

“Dre is my big bro and that’s my family regardless and Imma support Aftermath with whatever he need.  After almost five years of sitting there and working with every producer in the world, it’s kinda unfair to the fans and my family and myself to keep telling people something and the release dates change.”

Representatives, however, seem to be singing a completely different tune in regards to Lamont as a spokesperson unleashed a barrage of statements labeling Lamont as an “idiot” and a disloyal artist that was making his situation worse with every bad move.

“Unlike Joell Ortiz or Stat Quo, Bishop Lamont was released from Aftermath due to disloyalty and the fact that he is an idiot.  It started in early 2008 when he decided to name himself a spokesperson for Detox, Aftermath & Dr. Dre.  Let’s start with his disloyalty.

Bishop’s Single “Grow Up” should have never happened period. The song “Grow Up” was originally intended for Marsha from Floetry and stolen by Bishop. Bishop layed vocals to what the public now knows as “Grow Up” and Dre never liked it.

Knowing that this record wasn’t approved by Dre, Idiot Bishop went ahead and begged a personal friend & Interscope employee to leak the unapproved “Grow Up” record to DJ‘s, with full knowledge that this is being done against the will of Dr. Dre. Now that the record is out, Dr. Dre and the Aftermath staff are furious and calling the Interscope offices to have the record Cease & Deceased before the record spreads across the country after Power 106 in LA plays “Grow Up” and threw the record in rotation. The Interscope employee who leaked Grow Up was almost fired after an impromptu meeting was called in the Interscope building about damage control on the “Grow Up” leak. Bishop knew Dr. Dre never liked Grow Up from the beginning and Bishop never made it clear to his friend/Interscope Employee of the risk that was being taken with this record.

Bishop also went on Sirius XM Shade 45 on Angela Yee’s & Leah Rose’s Lip Service show and went on to say how he “doesn’t like the Crack A Bottle” record. Live on Eminem’s station here is a supposedly Aftermath artist publicly expressing disapproval of the franchise team player’s first single off a highly anticipated project for your record company???”

This is only the tip of the iceberg as the rep found more reference points to soil his image.  The music business is quite the cut throat business and only the strong can stay afloat.