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Chris Brown clearly has his ears open to what’s happening in music culture abroad. Today, the crooner, amid more controversy, drops a new track titled “Shabba,” featuring Nigerian sensation WizKid, London Grime collective Section Boyz and Dallas native Hoody Baby.

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Along with Jay-Z, a lot of older rappers have been catching some flack as they keep pushing releases and new albums trying to represent for their collective states and bring them back to the prominence when they happened to be in town. Since Ice Cube announced his album, I Am The West, the likes of […]


“It was Shawshank Redemption and finally I am pleased to announce, because there’s no gag order or legalities [and] my lawyer said I can speak, I am Fawking free, yes I’m a free agent.” There seems to be some type of revolving door of employees going on in the offices of Aftermath and the branches […]

12 Bishop Lamont Ft Xzibit-Hallelujah Prod By Dr Dre