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Early on, Freddie Gibbs chose to be politically correct when discussing his departure from Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint. Most assumed that there was more to the story, though. In recent months, the Indiana rapper’s words on the situation became more aggressive, but things recently came to a head in a candid sit down with XXL‘s Eric Diep.

Gibbs’ initial intentions weren’t to verbally slander his former cohort. The convo actually began with the Baby Faced Killer discussing his forthcoming album ESGN.

This segued into how he left the house that Jeezy built, and why he feels like the Snowman didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. See a brief exert from the interview below.

Me separating from CTE. I’m extremely happy about that. Because a lot of guys wrote me off, Jeezy included. He really wrote me off. I am about to show that n***a what it really is. I am about to open that n***a’s eyes up and show that n***a that I mean motherf***ing business. He wrote a n***a off, but I am definitely about to show that n***a that I mean business. And show that n***a who the realest n***a in it. That’s what I am on now.

Read the full interview here.

Photo: BET