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Freddie Gibbs is currently firing on all cylinders within the independent circuit and today the world is bearing witness to his blood, sweat and tears with his new album, Shadow of a Doubt.

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The independent hustle and all of its hard-earned spoils is something Freddie Gibbs knows much about and it is showing for his latest promotional campaign for his upcoming album, Shadow of a Doubt.

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A gunman opened fire on Freddie Gibbs and his entourage as they left a Williamsburg venue early this morning (Nov. 4).

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Now independent and the proud co-creator of the critically acclaimed album, Piñata, Freddie Gibbs is embarking on “The Lord Frederick” tour. Today, he returns with the official tour dates.

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By now, you know that Freddie Gibbs has the street savvy rhymes down to a science. One can say the same about his visuals. Moments ago, he returned with his latest from ESGN with “Have U Seen Her,” featuring Hit Skrewface.

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You’ll be hard pressed to catch a new visual more gritty than Freddie Gibbs‘ “Lay It Down.” This isn’t up for debate, by the way.

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Feel free to call Freddie Gibbs the “Eastide Moonwalker.” That is the title of his latest menacing single from his forthcoming project, ESGN.

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Freddie Gibbs has finally been talking more candidly about his ill-fated musical relationship with Young Jeezy. So of course that means he also has new music to drop, with a cut called “Freddie Soprano.”

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Freddie Gibbs feels like people —including his former boss Young Jeezy— counted him out. We agree that he doesn’t receive nearly the credit he deserves for his contributions to street Hip-Hop, but this could all change with is forthcoming album, ESGN.

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Early on, Freddie Gibbs chose to be politically correct when discussing his departure from Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint. Most assumed that there was more to the story, though. In recent months, the Indiana rapper’s words on the situation became more aggressive, but things recently came to a head in a candid sit down with XXL‘s […]

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Freddie Gibbs recently announced the release date for his highly anticipated album, Baby Face Killa. Slated for September 25th, with DJ Drama, Baby Face Killa will be released for free, with a retail No-DJ version available soon after under his new label, ESGN. “ESGN is me. If you’re in it, you know what it’s all about. […]